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Testimonials & Case Studies

Pat Imrie - Freelance 3D Artist / Creative Development Series Author
You never stop learning in this industry and having Digital-Tutors around makes it just that little bit easier.
Pat Imrie
Freelance 3D Artist / Creative Development Series Author
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"I love Digital Tutors! My first steps into Stereo 3D were made via Digital-Tutors training. Now I'm winning awards for Stereo 3D!"
"I think most of my current skills and experience are the sum of the hours of training and practice I put in thanks to Digital-Tutors."
"Taking the time in college to learn Maya with Digital-Tutors gave me an extra boost in my software knowledge and helped me land the job I have today."
"Digital-Tutors taught me things that helped me graduate with flying colors."
I like the fact that Digital-Tutors gets me 'in and out' quickly. I don't have to watch lengthy videos to pick up one or two techniques. Also, Digital-Tutors is updated as fast as the software comes out - with awesome instructors that are easy to understand.
"Digital-Tutors is updated as fast as the software comes out - with awesome instructors that are easy to understand."
David Bittorf - Platt College Instructor
David Bittorf
Platt College Instructor
"From beginner to expert I would recommend a subscription to Digital-Tutors as the one stop library for Maya!"
"...both educational and entertaining, perfect for any artist..."
"Digital-Tutors has really captured the essence of how to do it... "
"Digital-Tutors' training is fun yet challenging..."
"...the most relevant and informative training..."
"Digital-Tutors is known for quality training..."
"I have found the knowledge encased in Digital-Tutors invaluable. It has enabled me to move into new and different areas of work with the knowledge that I'm fully supported."
"Digital-Tutors has been the best, most affordable way to complete my 3D art training..."
"...helped me create better quality models more quickly, and allowed me to develop my style more as an artist..."
"Digital-Tutors is invaluable to me in the fast changing world of 3D. I can now give my students up-to-date information about software and techniques."
"Digital-Tutors changed my life for the better..."
"Digital-Tutors has given me the opportunity to learn and with my new knowledge, I can keep a competitive edge against other animators in my industry."
The most enjoyable part has been being able to jump on Digital-Tutors and learn something new in a wide variety of software. I know anytime I want to learn something new, I can jump onto Digital-Tutors and there will be a plethora of videos to teach us new techniques and workflows.
Whenever the designers need it, no matter the time or day, it's always been available to watch training or get an answer they need."
Rick Elchert
Senior Surface Designer, Harley Davidson
"... Digital-Tutors is equivalent of having a personal tutor and the range of training available is absolutely amazing in both content and quality."
"Digital-Tutors is truly one of the best learning resources available on the market today..."
"Digital-Tutors has given me the endless ability to dream again. More importantly, they have given me the tools to make that dream a reality."
"The step-by-step video tutorials helped me understand what to do in a clear and simple manner. Also, I liked the way students can study at home in their own time."
"With my Digital-Tutors account always available I have the confidence to take on projects that seem daunting at first."
"The entire Digital-Tutors training library gives me so much tech support whenever I need it. I can't remember how many times it has solved my problems."
All the titles currently available as well as the fact that Digital-Tutors continues to add new releases on a regular basis. The training library covers essential concepts and theories and meets the needs of a very specific market for which there are currently limited resources.
"I believe Digital-Tutors should be considered a primary resource for teaching."
Dana Myers - Interactive Media Instructor at Francis Tuttle Technology Center
Dana Myers
Interactive Media Instructor at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City, OK
"Digital-Tutors has helped me understand the vital methods of execution to make my work stand out from the crowd..."
"Digital-Tutors was great to use as a learning tool and be able to back reference when needed."
"The videos are clear, informative, and crammed full of information..."
"Digital-Tutors provides me the ability to learn a piece of needed software on the spot, whenever a job calls for it."
"I love being able to learn anything, about any program, at any time!"
"We keep going back for new tips and tricks... It's been a great tool to give to our animators and designers to develop the skills they need to perform on a day to day basis."
"If it wasn't for Digital-Tutors I don't know where I would be today and don't know where my small VFX company would be. Thank you Digital-Tutors."
"... It has taken the learning curve of some of my fears with 3D software and made more confident with every step of the pipeline."
"Digital-Tutors is the only source I trust for my 3D modeling education."
"Digital-Tutors is the teacher I was looking for..."
"... This site has taught me more in two months than I could have ever imagined. I am now doing things I never would have been able to create."
"... I have a CG encyclopedia at my fingertips. I can quickly locate a topic, make notes, bookmarks, and further improve my resource for any project..."
"Digital-Tutors is essential to my success. The information is well-organized, clear and concise. The production quality is unsurpassed..."
"If you are looking for tailored video training for your 2D/3D design needs, you simply must subscribe to Digital-Tutors."
"It's like a one-on-one with the industry professionals..."
"The training is taught by top professionals who share their best tips and tricks used in CGI..."
"Digital-Tutors have only the best teachers and every tutorial really helps you improve your knowledge. It's an important resource for artists all around the world..."
"... When I had questions they were ready to help me out with custom mini tutorials tailored to my questions. I was amazed, and love the service and dedication!"
"With Digital-Tutors, you can learn the basics in a couple of days and keep learning!"
"It gives me a chance to study what I want, easily, at an affordable price..."
"The tutorials are chock full of information and is presented in a very entertaining way. I recommend Digital-Tutors to anybody that needs to learn a software package quickly. "
"I choose Digital-Tutors because they focused CGI and teach many programs that I couldn't find elsewhere."
"I've found the secret weapon...Digital-Tutors"
"...Digital-Tutors has guided me not just to learn how to use a program but also into believing that I can do it..."
"Thank you Digital-Tutors for assisting me in obtaining my dream!"
"... if it wasn't for Digital-Tutors it would be very difficult to learn the new way..."
"The ability to bridge connections between other packages in the pipeline is great..."
" that's practical and intuitive...!"
"...Incomparable to the ones from Digital-Tutors gigantic library of high-quality tutorials."
"I've found myself wanting to learn new programs because a training video looks so interesting I can't help myself."
Being in such a fast-paced industry, my colleagues and I are constantly trying to keep up with the changes in software technology as well as the latest tools and techniques. With Digital-Tutors, we can avoid this challenge altogether as they provide new training to the students as well as myself.
"Digital-Tutors has been a huge contributor toward the success of our program and success of our students."
Chris Hopkins
Oklahoma State University Instructor
"I'd have to say it's the finest online training out there, being able to log on anywhere in the world and catch up on my learning..."
"... In just a few weeks I have learned so much. Well worth the investment."
"I can be at a customer site, a remote location or in my office; I always have access to my training..."
"I feel that I can apply for any job in the creative industry thanks to Digital-Tutors..."
"Digital-Tutors filled the gap and prepared me to walk into class with enough knowledge to help my peers."