Transform your organization with proven training for creative skills.

Transform your organization
with proven training for creative skills.

Provide your artists with unlimited, on-demand viewing to the world's largest creative and tech training library.
Help every creative learn the professional skills, techniques and workflows being used by the industry's best talent.
Unleash your creatives' ideas with the skills and resources to produce captivating work you and your industry expect.
Little setup. Big results.
The best resource. Right at their fingertips.
Have confidence while building your team's confidence with training to learn new skills and get instant, trusted answers to production issues.
Learn from professionals.
Learn from professionals.

With beginner to advanced training from creative pros in 2,275 courses, your members can take their skills and your organization to a whole new level.

Confidently provide your members with 42,437 industry proven lessons.

Your artists at their best.

Your creatives unleashed.

Create stunning work every day and do it faster with training that enables your creative teams to learn more, produce more and crush deadlines.
Amazing Results
One-on-one training that digs deep and explains the how and why behind techniques.
Affordable Solutions
Training that gives your team instant and proven solutions to costly production issues.
Accelerated Growth
Take on ramping up new hires, new projects and new software with no sweat.
Blackrock Studio
The name & training the best trust.
Industry-leading companies and studios all around the world rely on Digital-Tutors to help create the latest blockbuster films, top games and stunning creative projects.
Hear what companies think of their Digital-Tutors account
Rick Elchert- Senior Surface Designer, Harley Davidson
Rick Elchert
Senior Surface Designer, Harley Davidson
"Whenever the designers need it, no matter the time or day, it's always been available to watch training or get an answer they need."
"...the most relevant and informative training..."
Tim Linklater
Electronic Arts
"Digital-Tutors is known for quality training..."
Dave Cardwell
"...both educational and entertaining, perfect for any artist..."
Dylan Sisson
RenderMan Development Team, Pixar
"Digital-Tutors has really captured the essence of how to do it..."
Bob Bennett
VP of Marketing for Luxology
The teacher's assistant

The teacher's assistant

Bring your creative programs to the top and keep them there.

Prepare your students for an academic experience that makes them career-ready. They'll thank you - for the rest of their lives.

Better Students
Training that helps your students grow their skills and master complex software.
Better Classes
Get more time to build your class curriculum and remove the technical hurdles.
Better Return
Experience program-wide growth and increased time for instructors and students.
Hear what schools are saying with instructor sound bites
David Bittorf - Platt College Instructor
David Bittorf
Platt College Instructor
"As an instructor, I'm always learning new things. Digital-Tutors is a great way to help me stay ahead of the curve."
"What I enjoy most about using Digital-Tutors in my classroom is the flexibility in creating my own custom curriculum."
Chris Hopkins
Oklahoma State University Instructor
"By using Digital- Tutors, I'm confident I'm providing the best training for my students."
Dana Myers
Francis Tuttle Technology Center
"Digital-Tutors is invaluable to me in the fast changing world of 3D. I can now give my students up-to-date information about software and techniques."
Andrew Eddy
"Digital-Tutors provides quality training in abundance and helps keep me one step ahead of my students..."
Justin Panmenter
Gold Coast Institute of TAFE Instructor